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Clean up hydraulic slip machine needs to pay attention to what

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 13, 2016

1. crack
Hydraulic slip on the first thing to notice is that in the middle of cleaning up attention, full hydraulic skid steer machine, there are many gaps, in the process of moving, these gaps are there may be dirt or debris, need to pay attention to timely cleaning, ensure the needs.
2. the window
Hydraulic skid steer machine cleaning also need attention is needed on the window pane, Windows requirements, need to be taken to ensure clean cleaning because hydraulic sliding machine move if there is a dirty stain on the window pane, it might affect the operation of the operator.
3. mobile device
Cleaning of hydraulic slip one final note is clean on the mobile device, cleaning on your mobile device, need to be taken to ensure a clean needs regular cleaning can, because mobile devices tend to stain more, but does not affect the results.

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