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Hydraulic vibration hammer how to best improve the qualify of life

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 13, 2016

Hydraulic vibration hammer include: gear, fixed to the drive gear on the eccentric mass, in which the gear eccentric gear and gear gravity and the eccentricity is located in the center of gravity of the mass of the products of the gear axis. This product is provided by hydraulic vibration hammer, effectively increases the eccentricity of hydraulic vibration hammer quality, thereby increasing the hydraulic vibration hammer force and amplitude, which improves the efficiency of hydraulic vibratory hammer.
Hydraulic vibration hammer device and vibration method, belong to the field of pile-driving machinery. The device comprises an vibration beams, clamps and eccentric Rotary vibrator, eccentric Rotary vibrator only an eccentric Rotary, a motor or motor drives an eccentric rotational vibration. Vibration sank pile Shi, the device must into on using, two a same of products of vibration hammer new device symmetric installation, according to since synchronization theory, two eccentric Rotary stress vibration device achieved synchronization, level direction points force mutual offset, vertical direction points force mutual overlay, role in pile of stress vibration force equivalent to installation in pile axis location of a traditional vibration hammer produced of stress vibration force. This product is simple in structure, easy to maintain, and not subject to specification limits, with the lifting gear and significantly increase the service life of the vibratory hammer.

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