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Maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic vibration hammer

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 13, 2016

1, daily care and maintenance
1) vibrating hammer to keep clean, class work to clean the hammer and the power station oil, dust, rust, water.
2) all fasteners should always check stay connected a solid and reliable.
3) according to lubrication points lubrication lubrication requirements.
4) should maintain a normal level of hydraulic oil in the tank, the oil temperature should be normal. Always check the cleanliness of the oil, placing its pollution.
5) regularly check the hydraulic oil tank is water, causing the water should be immediately subject to water or emulsify the oil change the oil.
6) should always check the stability of the instruments prepared properly, you should repair or replace.
7) check the oil system for oil spills, and processed in a timely manner.
8) check the fuel tank, oil tank, water tank fluid level is normal, if the level is too low, please add.
2, regular maintenance and maintenance
Regular cleaning the tank, change the oil. Break-in period 500 hours of continuous operation, the replacement of hydraulic oil for the first time, three months after the replacement of the second, the Nineth months third. Later replaced, as the case may be.

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