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Transport hydraulic slip is manufacturers need to be aware of

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 13, 2016

1. hoisting machines
Hydraulic skid steer machines move first thing to notice is the hoisting and needs, if that's all right, ensure hydraulic slide flush with the car, into the carriages can be, but the slopes as possible may result in hydraulic sliding compartment on the machine can't, cause damage.
2. transport vehicles
Mobile needs of hydraulic slip of attention are concerns in transport vehicles, transport vehicles, need to pay attention to ensure the needs of large displacement, hydraulic skid steer machines compare in terms of quality, and ensure efficiency in the transport process, you need large cars.
3. fix needed
Hydraulic slip mobile final note is fixed on the needs of the fixed requirements is to avoid hydraulic skid steer machine in the process of moving due to inertia leads to vehicle damage, fastening on the note in a fixed, guaranteed the security needs.

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