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Vibratory hammer works

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 13, 2016

Theoretical design of vibratory hammer is the use of resonance. Dang pile of forced vibration frequency and soil particles of vibration frequency consistent Shi, soil particles produced resonance, at, soil particles has maximum of amplitude, enough of vibration speed and Acceleration can quickly damage pile and soil between of stick Heli, makes pile body and soil from pressure tight state transition to moments separation State, sank pile resistance especially side resistance quickly reduced, pile in weight role Xia sinking. Due to vibration hammer by reducing friction between the purposes of pile and soil, so in the case of decrease of friction between the pile and the soil load, you can use slightly larger than a pile of force and can be pulled out. Therefore, not only suitable for pile hammer of vibration, and suitable for pulling. Pile, pulling the efficiency is very high.

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