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Wharf crane rust

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 13, 2016

(1) on the damaged part of the coating on the metal structure, to clean the surface and coated with paint and decorative paint film in order to protect the metal surface after precipitation corrosion.
(2) in the active portion of the crane, crane and Sling connecting pin, guiding wheels, car wheels, be conscientious and rust-proof. Can in downtime Hou, first with brush put these parts brush clean, removed can led to rust of impurities, and water, and rust, again on these parts with-10th, or-20th, diesel, because-10th, or-20th, diesel permeability than oil strong, has load of twisted received part can penetration in, makes its metal surface produced oil film, and due to its solidification points low, so can low anti-low temperature.
(3) after the diesel oil cleaning lubrication, and then coated with a layer of grease. Calcium or lithium grease is a good choice because the two greases, mechanical stability, good adhesion and water resistance, freezing point can reach the-20 degrees, when grease coating, coating is not too thick.

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