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What are vibratory pile hammer applications

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 13, 2016

Vibration pile hammer including sucking vibration device and vibration device, sucking vibration device by lifting pulley, and beam, and vertical axis and sucking vibration frame composition, sucking vibration frame fixed in vibration device upper, its sides the with two root vertical axis, each root vertical axis upper and lower sets into compression spring became a group, vertical axis upper fixed beam; vibration device by motor, and box, and eccentric block, and active axis, and from moving axis, and gear composition, power is by motor through v-belts to box within by pair cylindrical gear mutual meshing of main, and from moving axis, axis Shang its with four eccentric block. Lifting pulley rings can substitute products. Also includes electrical apparatus, and in conjunction with electrical parts. Electrical installations of the product can also be individually configured. The advantages of this product is: small amplitude, low noise, reliable, configurable high power motor, has the characteristics of simple structure and easy to use.
Vibration pile hammer is used in the construction of pile foundation in construction machinery, used in the construction of bored concrete piles. When mating with pile, sinking bored concrete piles, concrete belled pile (garlic), lime pile and sand pile and gravel pile after pile gripper on the distribution, heavy pulling of precast concrete pile and steel piles. It is roads, bridges, airports, buildings and other infrastructure construction is the ideal equipment. Vibratory pile hammer can also be used as vibration sinking pipe piles machines, Board machines such as pile driving hammer.

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