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Cantilever Construction Method Of Hanging

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Apr 30, 2016

Cantilever cranes, cantilever erection method using cantilever crane lifting precast beam to the installation location, and then using Epoxy glue and connected prestressed precast beam into the overall. Cantilever segments, depending on jib lifting capacity, length 2~5 m. Section is too long since the major required cantilever crane lifting capacity, segment is too short then the Assembly joints, duration: extended. Cantilever root cross-sectional area larger, shorter segment length, later growing to end.
Assembly includes lifting position, epoxy adhesives and wore tonage of prestress in the process. A segmental about 1~1 in General. 5 d。
In addition the jib using cantilever construction, prefabricated beam sections to synchronize with the bridge substructure construction, reduce the shrinkage and creep of concrete beams, beneficial to main beam alignment of the bridge in the late. In addition, using cantilever construction, prefabricated beam in venues, quality assurance, but assembled using epoxy adhesive, wearing in prestressed beam in prestressing tonage connections than the cantilever method, poor structural integrity, and difficult construction deformation control and closure have lower accuracy.

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