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Container Spreader Rigging Accessories

Container Spreader Rigging accessories

Spreader application note

In the application of the sling, the hook and the chain of accessories and other accessories to ensure the safety of lifting operations is very important, especially when the sling with a period of time, so the spreader in the practical application , The various accessories should pay attention to, including the following 11 points. The same time as

1) chain does not allow wrong twist, knot, adjacent link movement should be mobile.

2) pay attention to spreader, rings and hook force angle and status.

3) tied to pay attention to the edges and corners, edges and corners to take the pace of mining. When shelved, the object above the use of pad wood, to prevent damage spreads

4) It is strictly forbidden to extend or extend the spreader.

5) in strict accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturers, in the application of additional load scale, is strictly prohibited overload applications.

6) before lifting should be carefully reflect whether the hanging prison, hanging staff is strictly prohibited under heavy things or walking.

7) lifting the goods when the rise, down, stop to be slow and stable, pay attention to the weight of the hanging material is balanced, the impact of the application is strictly prohibited, and not long hair hanging on the spreader.

8) As the limit of the chain of things with the temperature changes in the situation and the differences (with the temperature drop, strength grade slowly reduced), so the chain of more than 400 degrees in the case should be solemnly applied.

9) between the chain to stop the use of non-formal joints convergence.

10) Do not force the spread of the spreader from the weight, or let the weight on the spreader. The same time as

Spreader walking device

Lifting tools The advantages of using a closed circuit can be summed up in order to adjust and change the flow direction, automatically adapt to identify the steering, fuel pressure and fuel tank capacity advantages.

(1) closed oil in the variable itself is both to adjust the flow and change the flow of the dual function, generally do not have to be in the main road like an open circuit as set I additional resistance and leakage of the valve can be Control motor stepless speed change and commutation, the system is efficient, fast response, the operation mode is more in line with ergonomic requirements.

(2) to meet the rotation direction and torque direction of the various combinations can automatically identify and adapt to follow the load changes without switching the oil circuit can automatically change from the drive conditions instantly to brake conditions, with good system rigidity , Can be running vehicles and equipment from the static to the highest speed of the whole process of continuous control without loss of control area, with it can effectively replace the friction components of the conventional traffic brake system.

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