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Crane Maintenance Methods

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Sep 08, 2016

Crane is a very important port hoisting equipment, each day a large flow of people, material handling on the large amount of ports, docks, is necessary to have quality handling equipment, is also very good for me. Port cranes is in the form of a wide variety of. But no matter what kind of port crane, its hooks, and maintenance of the device itself is essential.
So when it comes to maintenance of hook, we were the first to do is to regularly check the hook. Generally encountered the following situation should immediately scrap. ① cracks. II dangerous section of the wear amount is greater than the original height 5%; rows follow the standard hook, size should be greater than the original 10%. ③ opening 15% over the original. ④ torsional deflection of more than 10 degrees. Risk section II or hook and neck plastic deformation. ⑥ plate hook bushing wear up to size of 50%, should scrap the core set. ⑦ hook spindle wear up to size of 5%, should be scrapped mandrel.

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