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Derrick How Role In Marine Crane

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 02, 2016

Maritime cranes in today's terminal, cargo terminal, warehouse and other places is very large, with import and export trade growing, need to transporting more goods, more marine crane needs. Ship cranes is executed in the context of a special crane to transport by sea, mainly for the carriage of the goods transfer between ships, offshore supply, underwater equipment supply and recycling, and other important tasks.
Ship cranes, is essential for a device, it's hanger device. By Derrick, lifting columns (or lifting masts), rigging and hoist (or cargo) and so on. Suspender device was on board the traditional gear, rope range operation easier, but because of its simple structure, easy to manufacture, cheap, is still widely used.
Hanger devices are divided into single-action and double action, single joystick is the loading and unloading of goods with a boom, boom lift items, pull cable goods together with the boom swung inboard or cargo hatch, and then drop the cargo, and then back to boom, between jobs. When handling cable every swing hangers, so inefficient, labor intensive.

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