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Electric Grab Bucket Cranes The Characteristics

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jun 23, 2016

Grab cranes are in ports, terminals common and indispensable lifting equipment. Grab cranes, common name the grab cranes, crane is equipped with grab. Port, dock, station yard, in places such as mines, we will often see a lot of different bulk and to rounded wood, mineral, coal, sand, Earth, etc. Then grab cranes are lifting equipment designed specifically for loading the goods.
Grab cranes, I have often heard electric grab bucket cranes, also called the "power grab", compare it with the other grab crane outstanding advantage is that measurement of electric grab bucket cranes grabs the actual crawl. Of course depending on the grab and rope grab target set, double rope grab, grab grab, multi flap. The load can be applied to a variety of goods, very practical and very special kind of lifting equipment.

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