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Harbor Portal Crane For Versatile Uses And Characteristics

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jul 10, 2016

With the development of ports, docks, port crane, the demand is also growing, and increasingly high requirements for lifting equipment. In port crane, we all know that crane is one of the most popular breeds of lifting equipment. Gantry crane, however there are different kinds, today small series to introduce today's Harbor Portal crane for versatile features and functions.
Harbor Portal crane for use as a mobile Rotary, combination of four-bar linkage arm (or one-booms), rack of amplitude (amplitude or wire rope), lever the balance (or compound pulley compensation), the cylinder frame, hook, grab bucket, container lifting operation multi-purpose lifting equipment
The lifting equipment is AC variable frequency speed regulation and PLC control. CAB view, electrical systems using high quality cables and controller for ship, Center slip ring collector capacity, performance, and can adapt to the ports during peak operations. Agencies with electrical and mechanical safety devices to ensure safe work.

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