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Hydraulic Grab Closing Speed

Hydraulic Grab Closing speed

For the grapple, in the study and understanding, in addition to its knowledge content is included, we must be firmly grasped, for its related issues, but also can not be missed, because it is also in the grappling knowledge system So, can not ignore its existence, otherwise, it will affect the degree of understanding of the product and learning effect. Therefore, the next, through the form of questions and answers, to expand and carry out, its contents are as follows.

1. grab the wireless remote control hydraulic grab, the closure is not tight, what is the reason? Well, the closure is too slow, what is the reason?

    Grab the wireless remote control hydraulic grab, if it is closed tightly then, then, is unlikely to be part of the control problem, there may be, the pressure in the grab is not enough, or its position sensor positioning is not accurate, thus Cause this problem. As for the closure of the speed is too slow, it is because the grab appeared electrical failure, or one of the solenoid valve is damaged.

    2. Is it the same thing to lift and lift? How to avoid the phenomenon of wreckage As well as the match between the grab and the forklift, what should be considered?

    Grab the lift and the closure of the two, not the same. Because the lift is the overall movement of the grab, and Zhang, it is grab grab grab and discharge, therefore, these two are not the same. And want to avoid the problem of fishing down the groove, just grab the edge of the grab pulley a baffle, you can achieve the purpose.

    Grapple and forklift between the match, we should take into account the specific content, mainly for the grappling of the carrier, the body weight, as well as grab the weight of these three, are very important, indispensable.

The above, it can be said that for grappling this product, are very important and basic, and that there is a certain practicality. Therefore, we should grasp in a timely manner, so that in order to make their own good learning effect. And then to achieve the knowledge of the knowledge to use, and its flexible use, rather than wasted.

 1. If it is used to grab dry coal, then, what kind of material should be used? In addition, double rope grab, whether it belongs to special equipment?

These two problems, due to a certain degree of professionalism, so the following, by the grab manufacturer Xinhua lifting tools to answer.

    Grapple, if it is used to grasp the dry coal, then, should use a steel plate of this material, and is to be welded. And grab the double rope in the grab

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