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Hydraulic Grab Grab Crane Arm Stretching

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jun 28, 2017

Hydraulic Grab Grab crane arm stretching

In the grab cranes, the arms of the things are unusually tense. If the arm helpless things, then grab the crane in the application of the moment to helpless things. Then, know how to grab the crane arm of the telescopic truth will become commensurate with the tension.

Here, it is for everyone to teach about, grab the crane arm telescopic truth:

As usual, large-scale grab cranes used in the telescopic boom is divided into four sections, the bottom section for the basic arm, the other three sections for the telescopic arm.

The first section telescopic arm cylinder drive, the second, three by the cylinder drive.

Grab cranes have adopted a piston-type layout, and some made of double-sleeve type as the fuel supply channel for the cylinder 2; However, the production process is complicated, and some adopt the popular piston-type dual-sense cylinder, 2 to adopt a small tubing oil supply, followed by the first section telescopic arm telescopic, leading to the tub of the tubing to apply tubing torque reel, the other cylinder by a double piston piston cylinder and a two-cylinder The sleeve cylinder, the two ends of the cylinder, are fastened to the bottom of the first section telescopic arm and the top end of the third section telescopic arm.

Four-arm above the grab crane telescopic mechanism is divided into the following two: two or more cylinder plus a rope / two rope row, single or multi-cylinder plus a / two rope row.

This type of telescopic arm is characterized by the following section of the last section of the telescopic arm to adopt the wire rope telescopic, the other lower telescopic arm to adopt multi-level single cylinder or multiple single-stage cylinder or multi-stage cylinder and single-stage cylinder liner and other methods indirectly with hydraulic Cylinder retractable.

 In recent years, with the development of construction machinery and equipment development and continuous improvement of technology, cast-in-place reinforced concrete underground continuous wall combined with soil reverse approach, supplemented by support support system, has become a mature deep foundation pit construction method, in the technical economy On the more reasonable, for the underground works to a deeper, broader space to provide the conditions for development. Hydraulic grab is one of them, today Xiaobian give you talk about the principle of hydraulic grappling method, characteristics and scope of application.

First, the principle

1, in the vertical wall on both sides of the vertical wall to build the wall, the sub-digging into the slot.

2, the preparation of high-quality mud, into the groove section of the wall.

3, into the slot, in the tank section to install prefabricated steel cage.

4, with the catheter anti-top method of pouring underwater concrete into the wall.

5, adjacent wall section in the form of joints connected into the overall cast-in-place reinforced concrete continuous wall.

Second, the characteristics

1, underground continuous wall section digging into a groove, high-quality mud wall, automatic guide is measured oblique correction, good integrity, wall formation, vertical high.

2, according to the thickness of the wall with the corresponding form of joints, pouring underwater concrete into the wall, impermeable, shear, bending ability.

3, reliable construction (structure) building, the maximum use of construction land.

4, equipped with computer control system, into a high degree of automation, with the excavation with the correction with the tilt, into a reliable groove.

5, the construction of a high degree of mechanization, low labor intensity, the required construction personnel, high efficiency.

Third, the scope of application

In addition to the fine, weathered all kinds of engineering geological conditions, the construction of underground construction (structure) buildings, hydraulic structures such as the wall or wall structure.

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