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Hydraulic Grab Hydraulic Driven

Hydraulic Grab Hydraulic driven

The clamshell is the lifting device of the jaw plate and the lifting and unloading of the loose material. It is widely applicable to large, middle and small construction sites, port terminals, cargo warehouses, mines, loading and unloading areas.

Summary of grab function

Closed loop: if the grab is open, the hoisting rope stops the motion, the closing rope rises, the closing rope passes through the pulley block and the lifting of the bearing beam increases the grab closure.

Open loop: if the grab is closed, the hoisting rope stops the motion, the closing rope is reduced, the closing rope passes through the pulley group, so that the lower supporting beam is lowered, then the grab can turn over quickly.

Hydraulic clamshell is the most common one in the grab bucket, hydraulic clamshell is controlled by hydraulic pressure to control the closure of the grab, as if the hydraulic brake on the bus is driven by hydraulic pressure.

The above is a simple talk about hydraulic grab. The hydraulic grab is described in detail below.

Hydraulic type grab itself is equipped with open layout, usually driven by hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic clamshell composed of multiple jaw plates is also called hydraulic claw. Hydraulic clamshell is widely used in the special equipment of hydraulic class, such as hydraulic excavator and hydraulic lifting tower.

Hydraulic grab by the hydraulic oil cylinder, the bucket (jaw), join columns, the ear plate, fights the earmuffs, bucket teeth, tooth block and other spare parts, so hydraulic grab welding is the most crucial manufacturing process, welding quality directly affects the layout of the hydraulic grab strength and service life.

Hydraulic grab belongs to specialized professional equipment accessories, the demand special equipment is efficient, high-quality work.

Grab open process: when the pump is turned, the oil tank through the check valve RV3 pump, into the oil discharge line P2, the check valve RV2 below into the cylinder, push the piston up, the oil in the piston upper back into the hydraulic controlled check valve SV1 line P2, increase the flow of oil into the hydraulic oil cylinder, grab swiftly turn over.

The maximum pressure in pipeline P2 is determined by the relief valve DV2. When the oil pump stops working, the check valve RV1, RV2 and the liquid control one-way valve SV2 are actively closed, avoiding the self-sealing of the grab bucket.

Grab a closed process: oil pump rotation, the oil tank through the check valve RV4 into the pump, into the oil discharge line P1, the check valve RV1 into the upper cylinder, push the piston moves down, the piston hydraulic controlled check valve the oil in the lower back of SV2, filter F into the tank.

Similarly, the maximum oil pressure in the pipeline P1 is determined by the relief valve DV1. If the grab is now closed and the oil pump is running, DV1 can reduce its pressure by 10-15 percent, thus reducing energy loss.

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