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Hydraulic Grab Introduction To The Classification

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:May 24, 2017

    Hydraulic Grab A hydraulic grab is a working device that provides power to a hydraulic cylinder by means of a hydraulic power source to drive the opening and closing of the left and right combination bucket or the plurality of jaws, and a working device consisting of a plurality of jaws Grab is also called claws.

   Hydraulic Grab Sort by shape

According to the shape can be divided into shellfish grab and orange petals grappling, the former consists of two complete bucket-shaped components, which consists of three or more than three jaw plate composition.

Sorted by drive

According to the drive can be divided into hydraulic grab and mechanical grab two categories.

(A) hydraulic grab

Hydraulic Grab Hydraulic grab itself is equipped with opening and closing structure, generally driven by hydraulic cylinders, composed of a number of jaw hydraulic grab is also called hydraulic claws. Hydraulic grapples in the hydraulic equipment for a wide range of applications, such as hydraulic excavators, hydraulic lifting tower.

Excavator dedicated hydraulic grappling is divided into two kinds of rotary and non-rotating, without the use of excavator bucket bucket fuel tank, do not add another hydraulic valve block and pipe; with a rotating grab to add A set of hydraulic valves and piping to control.

Excavator dedicated hydraulic grab for the occasion:

1, the foundation of the foundation pit excavation, pit excavation and mud, sand, coal, gravel loading.

2, especially for ditch or restricted space side of the excavation and loading.

3, for ships, trains, car handling.

(B) mechanical grapple

Hydraulic Grab The mechanical grab itself is not configured with an opening and closing structure, usually driven by a rope or connecting rod.

1, rope grab

(1) double cable double petals, double cable more petals;

(2) four cable double petals, four cable more petals;

(3) single cable touch open double flap grab, single cable touch to open the multi-flap grab.

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