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Hydraulic Grab Maintenance

Hydraulic Grab maintenance

Talking about the concept, structure, maintenance and failure analysis of hydraulic grab

In general, the grapple can be divided into hydraulic grab and mechanical grapple, these two kinds of grapples have their own characteristics and scope of application, today we focus on one of the categories, for the hydraulic grab, mainly introduced it The concept, structure, maintenance and encounter some failures should be how to deal with, the specific content is as follows.

1. The concept of hydraulic grab

Hydraulic grab, as the name suggests, is to provide power through the hydraulic power source, which drives the left and right combination of two or more jaw plate opening and closing to achieve the purpose of grasping or unloading bulk material, it is a working device.

2. Structure of hydraulic gripper

The hydraulic grab is mainly composed of bucket, upper beam, lower beam and hydraulic system. The upper and lower beams are hingedly connected by connecting rods. Two buckets are hinged on the lower beam and equipped with hydraulic system. The upper part is hooked and Hoisting mechanism connected.

The hydraulic system of hydraulic grab is composed of fuel tank, oil pump, control valve group and hydraulic cylinder. The piston rod is tightly connected with the taper hole in the upper beam and fixed with nut. The four connecting rods connect the upper beam and the grab The

3. Maintenance of hydraulic grab

(1) For hydraulic oil, pay attention to oil level, oil temperature, oil and oil, oil tank oil level in the measurement should be made before the grapple; in the ambient temperature below -10 ℃, but also to grasp The bucket is running in a closed state.

(2) regular cleaning or replacement of filters, hydraulic oil replacement should use the same grade of hydraulic oil.

(3) Each hinge shall be lubricated on a regular basis, especially during long term deactivation.

(4) the top of the piston rod should pay attention to clean, to prevent the entry of solid particles. If the top of the piston rod has been excessive wear, you should promptly replace the piston rod.

4. Hydraulic grapple failure

Fault 1: grab the truck can not open the goods

First check the circuit, if the circuit is normal, you should release the tub on the tubing joints, and then two gourd forced to pull the grab, flat on the deck. And then remove the cable connector, motor cover and tubing hanging out of the motor and pump, check the suction check valve is normal, and whether the relevant joints loose loose, if necessary, can check the pump or control valve group.

Fault two: grab cable loose or even caught off

When the amount of oil is insufficient, the drive torque is reduced, the cable is loose, and the motor is overloaded. If the cable can not be tightened, you should replace the hydraulic oil, if necessary, can be adjusted by hydraulic oil to solve.

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