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Hydraulic Grab Pay Attention To What

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 09, 2017

Hydraulic Grab Pay attention to what

What are the requirements for improving the efficiency of hydraulic grappling? During the construction process, it is more perfect to grab or unload some bulk material, more commonly used grapples or hydraulic grapples. Which in order to ensure the use of efficiency, the process to pay attention to what requirements?

1, mechanical pointed out that before use, there are in peacetime, the staff should pay attention to do maintenance. For example, the hydraulic oil used in the equipment, pay attention to oil level, oil temperature, oil and oil, regular cleaning or replacement of filters, hydraulic oil replacement should use the same grade of hydraulic oil. There is also a tank oil level in the measurement before the grab should be in a closed state.

2, for the hydraulic grab each hinge, personnel should pay attention to regular lubrication, to ensure that in a normal, smooth state, reduce the failure rate. Also use, pay attention to the actual situation, adjust the oil pressure. Piston rod top should pay attention to clean, to prevent the entry of solid particles and found that its top has been excessive wear and tear, should be replaced.

3, equipment operation process failure, should be promptly stopped, for investigation. If the circuit can not be opened, the staff should first check the circuit, if the circuit is normal, you should release the tub on the tubing joints, and then use two gourds forced to pull the grab, check the intake check valve is normal, and related Whether the joints are loose and broken, if necessary, check the pump or control valve group.

What are the precautions to be used to operate the hydraulic gripper? Using different machines, there are different operating procedures and specifications to ensure efficiency and safety. Which the use of hydraulic grab equipment operation, in order to achieve good results, the process need to pay attention to what taboo?

1, mechanical reminders, the type of equipment, compared to other grapples, is not recommended in some harsh environment for construction, a little careless, easily lead to security risks. So first of all to pay attention should be done as much as possible, the way the goods hoisting the scene must be flat and solid, such as backfill and soft soil, personnel should be promptly for effective treatment.

2, in the use of hydraulic grapple in the process, in order to avoid its frequent failure, affecting the service life, personnel should pay attention to equipment hoisting is strictly prohibited overload, but not oblique hanging, this will make the rope out of the tank and overload, resulting in rope break Situation, to try to avoid, including equipment can not stop on the slope of the work, hoisting on both sides, not side of the high side and so on.

3, in order to ensure the handling of goods handling, loading and unloading efficiency, in the daily custody process, personnel should pay attention to develop Liang Hong ah habits, regular lifting tools to check, the banding should be solid, can not be loose, , To promptly check and exclude. At the same time if you encounter some bad weather, pay attention to not recommend lifting operations, good equipment protection.

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