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Hydraulic Grab The Reason For The Abnormal Condition

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jul 26, 2017

Hydraulic Grab The reason for the abnormal condition

Hydraulic grapple running oil temperature rise results will be what? Equipment operation, can not do without their own parts with, one of which abnormal, may lead to the emergence of failure. Which use hydraulic grab, found that the oil temperature rise, there is no timely stop the consequences of what will happen?

First of all, the machinery pointed out that the equipment caused by the abnormal situation of the reasons, there are two aspects, on the one hand is the design of the device itself is unreasonable, the operation of part of the energy converted into heat, resulting in oil temperature, on the other hand Is the personnel operation is not standardized, high load carrying. In short, to avoid the words, personnel need to combine these factors to ensure the quality of equipment and operation of the normative.

Among them, the hydraulic grappling oil temperature rise, did not stop the operation and resolved in time, then the harm is great, such as the hydraulic system will reduce the efficiency of work, increase the probability of leakage, affecting its safety. Another example will affect the original parts of the normal with the gap, so that increased friction, parts stuck phenomenon, affecting the service life. So that the hydraulic oil easily deterioration, shorten the use of oil time, increase maintenance costs.

The above-mentioned hazards, are seriously affected the performance of the equipment. In order to avoid as much as possible, requiring the operator in the usual use before, pay attention to develop good maintenance habits, found abnormal, timely solution. What are the types of electrohydraulic grapples? In different construction environments, the operator will use different types of grapples to pursue efficiency and quality depending on the handling and handling materials. Which electric hydraulic grab, which also contains what kind of it?

1, wood grapple: As the name suggests, mainly used to capture all kinds of bundles of round logs or single logs, widely used in the terminal, forest, wood processing raw materials yard and other places, generally with the tower crane and traffic and other types of Crane use.

2, rectangular grab: mainly used to grasp the granular and irregular shape of bulk materials, such as coke, pig iron, slag and so on. Particularly applicable to the loading and unloading of bulk cargo. Is widely used in terminals, steel and other places to use.

3, electric hydraulic grab double flap: mainly used to grab powder and granular bulk materials, such as fertilizer, grain, ore, sand, etc., widely used in terminals, steel mills, power plants, ships, waste incineration plant And other occasions. Remind people in the construction, in advance to do a good job of anti-corrosion protection, improve reliability.

4, multi-flap grab: used to grasp the block, granular and irregular shape of bulk materials, such as pig iron, scrap, garbage and so on. Widely used in terminals, steel mills, waste incineration plant and other occasions, it can be directly connected with the hook, grab more efficient, stable performance.

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