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Hydraulic Grab Various Forms

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jul 11, 2017

Hydraulic Grab Various forms

The grab is mainly used for cranes and plays an important role in the process of bulk material extraction. It has many forms, such as mechanical grab, four rope grab, multi-flap grab and so on. In the work of the crane, due to the good integration of the grab and the function of the crane, there is also a popular called grab crane.

Gripper manufacturers staff said that when the grab crane work began to support the rope will be lifted in the appropriate lifting position, and then put down the opening and closing wire rope, then rely on the weight of the beam below the bucket of the following bar as the center of the bucket Department of open, when the bucket open to the two ears of the collision block, the bucket to open to the maximum limit. When the bucket bucket, the upper beam pulley and the lower beam pulley center distance increases, and then support the wire rope to fall, will have opened the grab, fell on the loose pile to be caught above, and then close the opening and closing wire rope, the beam And the center of the lower beam pulley back to the original position, so that the completion of the crawl material process. In the closed bucket has been filled with materials, and finally enhance the opening and closing wire rope, the entire grab was also lifted, the traffic to the required unloading site, the bucket to remove the crawled material.

The use of grappling to solve the cranes when the bulk material is difficult to take things, is the construction, coal and other construction used to complete the gravel, coal and other bulk material crawling and lifting process of the main equipment. Therefore, the grab manufacturers more and more welcomed by the market.

  Grappling is the use of a very wide range of mine products for the capture of goods, with very good features, grab the drive according to the different ways can be divided into hydraulic grab and mechanical grab, then we The structure and application of hydraulic gripper for hydraulic grab.

 Hydraulic grab itself is equipped with opening and closing structure, generally driven by hydraulic cylinders, composed of a number of jaw hydraulic grab is also called hydraulic claws. Hydraulic grapples in the hydraulic equipment for a wide range of applications, such as hydraulic excavators, hydraulic lifting tower.

 Hydraulic gripper is a hydraulic structure of the product category, by the hydraulic cylinder, bucket (jaw plate), connecting the column, bucket ear, bucket ear, bucket teeth, tooth seat and other spare parts, so welding is the most critical hydraulic grab Production process, the quality of welding directly affect the hydraulic grab the structural strength and service life. Another hydraulic cylinder is also the most critical drive components.

Hydraulic grappling is a special industry equipment accessories, need special equipment to high efficiency, high-quality operations, such as: CNC plasma cutting machine, groove milling machine, Bending Machine, welding positioner, boring machine, hydraulic test bench The

  From a professional point of view, the mechanical grab is the corresponding with the hydraulic grab. The rope grab is the main representative of the mechanical grab, usually used in conjunction with double hooks, one for lifting, and the other for the opening and closing of the grab. It is mainly used in bulk ports and other occasions.

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