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Jib Cranes Using Eight Rules Must Be Followed

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:May 10, 2016

1, lift the workpiece not allowed to leave the ground too high, should be around half who, if crossed objects should be careful not to crash, banned across the lifting machine.
2, jib operator in use before you switch the button and check for faults such as wire rope limit, if you have any questions, to be repaired before use, power switch, and all must be closed after use, and before they can leave.
No overload 3, lifting, lifting no more than 500kg at any artifacts or by mishandling a heavier punishment.
4, when lifting any artifacts, be sure to try hanging hook to be vertical, found imbalances adjust hook, not inclined hoists, jib load test again to keep the workpiece steady and then lifted.
5, when lifting the workpiece must concentrate, hands on operation on/off switch, so feel free to brake, no chat, eat-while-lifting, to avoid danger.
6, when jib lifting any artifacts, you should always pay attention to the health, noise and anomalies stop immediately suspended, processing reports in a timely manner, as in spite of job, by mishandling a heavier punishment.
7, when not in use, jib-crane should be placed in a secure place, no other route operation of lifting equipment, no parking or by mishandling the punishment.
8, the jib is strictly prohibited when using all spot repairs.

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