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Jib's Structure And Purpose

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:May 28, 2016

Jib intensity for light work, crane column, composed of Rotary arm swing drive device and electric hoists, column by anchor bolts in concrete on the basis of the lower end, driven by cycloidal needle wheel Decelerator cantilever-Rotary, electric hoist in the cantilever beams around a straight line running and lifting weights. Crane boom for hollow shaped steel structure, light weight, long, heavy, and durable. Built-in walking mechanism with rolling wheels of special engineering plastics, small friction, walking briskly; small size structure is particularly advantageous to raise hook stroke.
Jib by columns, rotating arm, consisting of cantilever drive device and electric hoists. Column base by anchor bolts in concrete on the basis of the lower end, driven by the Motor reducer drive cantilever-Rotary, electric hoist for travel to run a job on a cantilever beam. Jib can help you shorten the production preparation and unproductive time, reduce unnecessary waiting. Hyundai jib specifications, wide variety, whether you lifting weights, suspension turning angle, length and what needs, all specifications share a common set of advantages: light weight cantilever length, weight, installation, operation and maintenance. They are entirely independent, is an ideal workplace crane, and suitable for outdoor yard and loading platforms. Fixed column covers an area smaller.

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