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Marine Crane Introduction And Status Quo

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:May 24, 2017

   Marine Crane In recent years, the control of marine cranes has been widely concerned by military and civilian marine engineering, and the control of such non-linear and strongly coupled underactuated systems under special disturbance has important theoretical and universal significance.

   Marine Crane Boom device

By the boom, lifting column (or lifting mast), rigging and winch (or cargo) and other components (see Figure boom device diagram). The boom device is a traditional crane equipment, although the rope is numerous, the operation is troublesome, but the structure is simple, easy to manufacture, low cost, is still widely used.

Single lever operation and double lever operation

With the boom device loading and unloading cargo, a single rod operation and double rod operation in two ways. Single-pole operation is the use of a boom for the loading and unloading of goods, the boom lifts the goods, pull the pull the goods with the boom together to the outboard or cargo hatch, and then put down the goods, then the boom back to the original Bit, so round trip. Loading and unloading each time with the cable to swing the boom, so the efficiency is low, labor intensity. Double rod operation with two boom, one placed in the cargo bay over the other one out of the outboard, two boom with a cable fixed in a working position. The lifting cable of the two boom is attached to a hook. As long as the separate, put two cargo cable, you can unload the goods from the ship to the pier, or the goods from the dock to the ship. Double rod operation of the loading and unloading efficiency than single-pole operation, labor intensity is also lighter.

   Marine Crane Marine cranes are special cranes that carry out transportation operations in the maritime environment. They are mainly used for the transportation and transportation of ships, the supply of sea, the delivery and recycling of underwater operating equipment. The special application environment at sea is a great challenge to the control of marine cranes. On the one hand, similar to the various underdeveloped crane equipment, the need to control the load during the transport process of the swing to ensure its positioning accuracy and transport efficiency; the other hand, because the crane fixed on the ship and other sports platforms, the platform itself The movement has a strong impact on the load movement, and in many cases, the movement of the load lifting and landing point is not consistent with the movement of the crane itself. In particular, during the course of work, the crane and the receiving ship will roll, roll and sink with the waves, which will cause the load to swing; especially during the lifting process, such movements of the ship are likely to cause The load is again collided with the deck, or the load that has been put down but not yet removed from the hook is vacant again, which threatens the safety of the job. This coupling movement can cause very serious consequences, especially during shipboard ammunition supplies.

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