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Mechanical Grab By Shape

Mechanical Grab By shape

Mechanical grasping is a kind of lifting accessories, in ports, wharves, mines, coal and other industries. It can also be used for highway construction, railway laying, excavation, foundation and ditch excavation. Can be classified by shape and by drive mode. It can be divided into two categories: hydraulic mechanical and mechanical. The hydraulic type mechanical grasping itself is equipped with the opening and closing structure, which is generally driven by hydraulic oil cylinder, and the hydraulic mechanical grasping, which consists of several jaw plates, is called hydraulic claw. Hydraulic mechanical grasp is widely used in hydraulic equipment, such as hydraulic excavator, hydraulic lifting tower, etc. Mechanical mechanical grasping is divided into two - line mechanical grasp and single - rope.

In the work, different mechanical grasping should be selected according to the crane. It can also be selected according to the cargo of loading and unloading. Work often appears some glitches abrasive wear, so in order to improve the service life of mechanical grip, for mechanical grasp the different situation of the wear parts, choose different wear-resisting material, and supplemented with different processing technology, thus greatly improving the service life of mechanical grip.

Mechanical grasping is an accessory that can be mounted on the crane. It can grab and unload the material. Each crane needs to install suitable mechanical grasp according to different requirements. Mainly used in ports, ports, various kinds of goods. A good companion for a crane. Next, I will introduce the production characteristics of various cranes.

Can be divided into: mechanical grab crane when fetching and discharge material movement is by the driver's operation, general mechanical scratch mine, can discharge more than two hundred tons of ore per hour, and before the operation pattern is to rely on artificial with a spade a spade a spade spade into the large leather string bag, with a crane. Eight hours at most seven or eight workers a vessel can only dry 200 tons, and listed in the mechanical grab crane today, no doubt greatly reduces the heavy labor of workers, save the working time, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading and improve the safety of the operation, reduce personal injury accidents, is a revolutionary innovation in the field of machinery!

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