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Mechanical Grab Working Form

Mechanical Grab Working form

The daily application of mechanical grappling

    Grapple because of its work and use is not the same, can be divided into many types, and today's grappling manufacturers to introduce is one of the grappling classification - mechanical grapple. Mechanical grappling refers to the mechanical application, which one is the daily use of it, how to grasp the grasp of how the capacity of the grab, together to understand the next.

    From a professional point of view, the mechanical grab is the corresponding with the hydraulic grab. The rope grab is the main representative of the mechanical grab, usually used in conjunction with double hooks, one for lifting, and the other for the opening and closing of the grab. It is mainly used in bulk ports and other occasions.

    Mechanical grapples are also special equipment. This kind of grab, in the structure is usually for the four rope structure, the size of its grasping force, mainly by the grappling of the weight, and the proportion of material being crawled by the two to decide.

    Douliang is an important part of the mechanical parameters, many people will refer to the purchase of the data when the bucket, its simple to describe, is to grab the volume of material for the crawler. And, to know is that if the other parameters remain unchanged, then the greater the mechanical grab bucket capacity, then the greater the capacity of unloading. However, it can not be too large, because too large, then the loader will overload the load, which brings problems. As for the calculation of the bucket capacity, in the process, the upper part of the hopper should be included in the material included, can not be missed.

  Grab is a kind of grab sand and a variety of bulk cargo can open and close the bucket. It is not only in the industry has a wide range of applications, in other industries also have an important use, then what are the advantages of grappling? I believe that the staff is very understanding of this, we do not touch the people who know little about grappling, grapple manufacturers in order to increase awareness of the grapple, we work together to understand the advantages of grab.

    1. Grab does not require additional accessories, no external power supply;

    2. Grab oil temperature is low, sealed and tubing long life, can guarantee continuous 24 hours of work;

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