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Remote Control Grab Complete The Unloading Of The Grab

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jun 28, 2017

Remote Control Grab Complete the unloading of the grab

On the grab, because it is the site products and keywords, so its understanding and understanding, at least, should be comprehensive and specific to this extent, so Caixing, otherwise, there is no good learning effect, and , But also affect the use of the product, and its use effect. So, next, based on this requirement, will lead you to continue to understand the grapple, and at the same time, you can also increase their knowledge in this area.

 1. What kind of grapple is the grab in the grab?

 The hanging grab in the grab, which is from a professional point of view, is mainly used to grab a variety of loose deposits, such as slag, small gravel, and coal ash and so on. And, in use, it is generally used together with the crane, through the crane hook, to complete the grapple discharge process.

 Hanging grapple, which is also some of the wearing parts, so, for these wearing parts, we should always check, whether there is a problem, if any, should be dealt with in a timely manner. In the specific parts, there are six pulleys, intro, pulleys, pulleys, ear bushings, and drawbars.

 2. grab the edge of the board, its material requirements in the main, what is it? In addition, mechanical grapple, which belongs to special machinery and equipment? The level of grappling, which is mainly what?

 Grab the edge of the board, its main requirement in the material is to use high strength materials, and, to have a good wear resistance, for example, can be for wear-resistant steel. Because, only in this way, in order to grab the high strength of the media, to avoid wear and other issues.

 Mechanical grappling, which belongs to the special machinery and equipment, because it is in the special equipment catalog. And grapple, which is divided into light and intermediate these two levels, as to which level to use, depends on the grab to grab what goods, and it to decide.

 On the grab, which is the object of the following explanation, because it is one of the website products and keywords, so based on this factor, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of this site product, and also can be further familiar with the site And the manufacturer, so that they benefit from it.

 1. Do you have to check every day for grapples? In addition, some heavy raid on the job?

 In general, the grapple should be checked once a day, and, for this job, can not have the slightest sloppy. If it is heavy raid, then it is very necessary, and also omitted a job. In the specific inspection work, mainly for wire rope, pulley shaft, and rims and bolts, etc., mainly to see whether the loose, wear and damage and other issues.

 2. When the crane grabbed down, grab the opening, what is the reason?

 If the crane grabbed down, grab the opening, then, its specific reasons, to analyze and explore, then there are three, one is mechanical failure, the second is the electrical control system problems, the third is electrical failure. Therefore, to conduct a thorough investigation, in order to find a real reason to completely solve, thus, to avoid the recurrence of the problem.

 3. How about the state of the grappling, when it rises?

 If the grapple appears this phenomenon, then the description is that it is a problem, the specific reason is that it is for the traffic grab control line Gap, or its secondary line to ground short circuit. In addition, there may be a short circuit in the coil of the connector, but for this reason, rare.

The above content, are from the point of view of the grappling, so, to explain and answer, so that we learn, to master, and then have a correct understanding. Thus, in the use of the product effect, has improved. Moreover, only in this way, we can continue to progress, and then, as soon as possible to achieve learning goals and requirements.

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