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Remote Control Grab During The Opening Process

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jul 11, 2017

Remote Control Grab During the opening process

Remote control grab (also known as: wireless remote control grab) is a single drum with a crane under the device, for loading and unloading slag, coal, food, fertilizer, industrial salt, alumina and other bulk cargo. Wireless remote control Grab cleverly combines wireless remote control technology with the simplest hydraulic technology in the grab, so that the grab has a unique performance.

The principle of remote grab grab:

The hydraulic system consists of a wireless remote control device to control the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is used to control the change of the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder. The lower end of the cylinder is connected with the lower beam of the grab, The upper end of the piston rod is connected with the grab slide seat.

When the grab is in the open state, to grab the goods, loose grab wire rope, driven by the weight of the slider block, the piston rod was pressed into the cylinder, then, click the remote control, so that the upper and lower cylinder fuel tank Close, locked the slide seat, so that slip seat and under the beam together as a whole, to enhance the wire rope, grab grab the goods.

When the grab is in the closed state, to release the goods, just press the remote control transmitter, control solenoid valve power, hydraulic system oil open, slide block to pull out the cylinder piston rod, withstand the beam, grab open Release the goods.

When the remote grab is used to load or install the funnel of the working conditions, and sometimes do not need to suddenly grab the grab all, as long as the grab to the required size, click the remote control transmitter, control solenoid valve , Hydraulic system oil circuit is closed, grab to open much. Grab the opening process can be arbitrary according to the wishes of people pause.

Advantages of remote grabbing:

Energy saving

2. High efficiency

3. safe and reliable

4. work smoothly

5. easy to use

6. Strong function

7. Large-scale

8. Simple structure and few failures

Because of the advantages of remote grab grab, ship owners in addition to the selection of electric hydraulic bulk cargo grab, but also like to use remote control grab. And because the remote control grab than electric hydraulic bulk cargo grab simple, easy to manufacture, so there are several domestic grab factory advertising, production remote grab. But to make the remote control grab made reliable, durable is not an easy thing, for example, if a small garbage in the closed hydraulic system, the valve will be blocked, resulting in a small fault , While the remote grab is in the warehouse to catch small particles of bulk cargo.

Several key points of the remote grab grab:

1. The system is reasonable, unreasonable natural failure. Some grab manufacturers also produce remote control grab on the accumulator.

2. Tank sealing and cleaning.

3. Electrical wiring box in the line is simple or complex, complex lines and more lines, each time the line is a fault.

4. Cylinder internal structure is reasonable, unreasonable cylinder will seal the bad, and can not be used.

Qingdao gold Jingwei port machine remote control grasp the key to the problem, fuel tanks, hydraulic systems, electrical circuit design is reasonable, simple structure, so far no fault.

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