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Remote Control Grab Remote Control Technology

Remote Control Grab Remote control technology

Grapple in the operation of the process to pay attention to the details of what? Often, what are the details that we need to pay special attention to in the process of handling and handling some bulk materials using electric hydraulic grapples?

First of all, the type of equipment used to run a component is the main grab, and the impact of the use of the sling is a sling. Therefore, mechanical reminders, in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of the construction, the operator in addition to the need to carefully observe the surrounding environment, climate and other factors, but also the need for regular inspection and maintenance of its components, found abnormal and timely to solve.

Among them, the use of maintenance and maintenance of the sling, including: 1, under normal circumstances, electric hydraulic grapple used by the sling, should have a certificate, as well as maintenance and maintenance instructions. This operation will be more assured.

2, the use of the process, can not throw, can not be pulled from the weight below, or let the sling in the above rolling, likely to cause security risks. There can not be overloaded, long-term easy to lead to damage, resulting in equipment can not be used normally.

3, spreads if there is a distorted phenomenon, this time can not be hammered to correct, it may cause the opposite effect. More reasonable approach should be consult the professional maintenance personnel, for repair or replacement. How to choose high quality electric hydraulic grapple

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Remote control grab, it is the wireless remote control technology and hydraulic technology is a good combination of together, is a collection device, mainly used in coal, food, fertilizer, industrial and other industries.

Principle of

In the remote grab, generally with a hydraulic system. In the hydraulic system, through the wireless remote control device to control the solenoid valve, and then to control the movement of the cylinder. When the control solenoid valve is energized, the oil system of the hydraulic system is closed, then the grab is opened. And in the opening process, you can stop at any location.

2. The main advantages

(1) can be energy efficient, safe and reliable to use, and work stable.

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