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Remote Control Grab The Principle And Advantages

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:May 24, 2017

  Remote Control Grab The remote grab is a novel grab with a single cable crane controlled by a wireless remote control launcher. It does not require external energy, in the pile can be lifted with the hook automatically closed, but also in any position in the air automatically open and can stop at any time. There is a battery inside the grab, which controls the opening of the grab by controlling the opening and closing of the solenoid valve. Grab does not need any other power, green. The grab as a mechanical and electrical integration of the new invention by the user's welcome. Its birth rewrite the lifting of the transport industry in the single-grab grab the history of low efficiency.

   1) Remote Control Grab Grab does not require additional accessories, no external power supply;

2) grab oil temperature is low, sealed and tubing long life, can guarantee continuous 24 hours of work;

3) modular design: grab control system consists of two modules, hydraulic modules and control modules, simple structure, conducive to maintenance;

4) plug-in design: grab control module for the plug-in, conducive to replacement;

5) multi-level buffer open: grab just started to open, the opening speed is very slow, greatly reducing the impact of unloading on the grab and crane, 3 seconds later, grab quickly open to ensure efficiency;

6) grab can stop at any time to open, is conducive to loading and unloading trucks or openings relatively small funnel;

7) complete waterproof design: to avoid the waves and rain on the control system of corrosion;

8) battery use a long time, full of electricity can be used continuously for more than 80 hours;

9) battery power shortage alarm function;

10) remote control with FM function, the use of a wider occasion.

   Remote Control Grab Remote control grab generally by the beam beam assembly, slip seat assembly, under the beam assembly, bucket body, pole and several components of the cylinder. Wherein the upper beam assembly and the slide seat assembly are provided with a pulley group connected with the crane, the cylinder and the piston rod of the cylinder are respectively connected with the lower beam assembly and the slide seat assembly. The sliding seat can be slid up and down under the action of the crane, and the lower beam is lifted together to promote the grab closure. The remote control controls the disengagement of the beam and the slide seat to control the opening of the grab.

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