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Remote Control Grab The Structure Of The Entire Device

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Aug 09, 2017

Remote Control Grab The structure of the entire device

In order to ensure the normal use of grapple performance, in addition to requiring the operator to strictly abide by the norms, the materials used are also important factors are one of the factors. What exactly does it include for its requirements?

1, first, analyze the structure of the entire device, mechanically pointed out that the device is containing some wearing parts. For these wearing parts, we should always check, whether there is a problem, if any, should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid the impact of safety and efficiency. In the specific parts, there are pulleys, lead, pulley sleeve, pulley shaft, ear plate bushings, and drawbars head bushings and so on.

2, in addition, there is a very critical component, is the remote control of the cutting edge of the board, the material in the main requirements, is to use high strength materials, and, to have a good wear resistance, Can be made of wear-resistant steel plate. Only in this way can we avoid problems such as wear and tear when the grapple grips the media with high strength.

3, there should be noted that the type of grab, is the sub-level and intermediate level, as to which level to use, depends on the grab to grab what goods, and the materials used to pay attention to the focus Will be different, the construction staff attention to a reasonable choice, and it is generally used in conjunction with the crane, you can better complete the process of loading and unloading materials. What are the factors that are easily affected by the remote grab.

Assembly assembly remote control grapple equipment to pay attention to what? Assembly machinery, seemingly simple, but the behavior is reasonable or not, will directly affect the late use, the actual construction efficiency, so pay more attention. Which assembled remote grab grab, which should pay attention to what matters?

1, first, parts. Mechanical reminders, machinery required to use all the parts to be qualified before assembly, such as parts inside and outside the surface, before assembly to be clear burrs, chips, oil and other dirt, parts with the surface friction Face is not allowed to damage and so on. And the overall assembly should be carried out by skilled workers with considerable technical level and strictly in accordance with the prescribed process.

2, equipment fighting body. Assembly staff should note that the bottom plate should be used plate presses, such as the bottom plate in two sections to suppress, the two plates docked when the level and the dislocation of each other shall not exceed 0.5 mm. Half of the bucket body should be leveling each other, vertical assembly, the two halves remote control bucket body dislocation may not exceed 0.5 mm, the diagonal error of not more than 1 mm.

3, pulley assembly. To ensure quality, first to the regular manufacturers to buy. Then check the pulley groove, should be smooth, after assembly may not damage the wire rope defects. Note that the lubricating oil hole on the pulley shaft is aligned with the oil sump on the spacer sleeve to ensure good lubrication.

4, bearing the use of mechanical assembly, not with a hammer directly hit the bearing race. Special circumstances must be hammering, the use of copper rods should be hammered evenly with the assembly ring, not allowed to pass through the bearing rolling force to strike. Bearings and pulleys hub should adopt the transition with the inner ring single side to the side, installed, the bearing cavity more than 2/3 full of grease.

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