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Remote Control Grab Use Material Requirements

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jul 26, 2017

Remote Control Grab Use material requirements

In order to ensure the normal use of grapple performance, in addition to requiring the operator to strictly abide by the norms, the materials used are also important factors are one of the factors. What exactly does it include for its requirements?

1, first, analyze the structure of the entire device, mechanically pointed out that the device is containing some wearing parts. For these wearing parts, we should always check, whether there is a problem, if any, should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid the impact of safety and efficiency. In the specific parts, there are pulleys, lead, pulley sleeve, pulley shaft, ear plate bushings, and drawbars head bushings and so on.

2, in addition, there is a very critical component, is the remote control of the cutting edge of the board, the material in the main requirements, is to use high strength materials, and, to have a good wear resistance, Can be made of wear-resistant steel plate. Only in this way can we avoid problems such as wear and tear when the grapple grips the media with high strength.

3, there should be noted that the type of grab, is the sub-level and intermediate level, as to which level to use, depends on the grab to grab what goods, and the materials used to pay attention to the focus Will be different, the construction staff attention to a reasonable choice, and it is generally used in conjunction with the crane, you can better complete the process of loading and unloading materials. What are the factors that are easily affected by the remote grab.

How to solve the problem of remote control grab oil leakage? Mechanical equipment after a long time, it will inevitably be some abnormalities, especially in the maintenance of the case, the fault will occur more frequently. Which remote grab grab oil problem, what is the reason, how to solve it?

First of all, the mechanical reminder, resulting in the phenomenon of the phenomenon of grappling is not only one, such as may be the accelerator gasket damage or shortage, resulting in lax, or may be the joint surface rough processing, parts are not large and so on The In order to help a better solution, require the operator to pay attention to a reasonable corresponding to solve.

Among them, the more commonly used solutions are, in the remote control of the tank within the joint surface, the bearing end cover hole and the oil cover and other parts of the oil easily leaked, coated with liquid nylon sealant or the remaining sealant to prevent The role. Or it can also open the oil sump on the base joint surface so that the overflow oil can return to the tank along the oil return tank.

To know that the grave once the exception, for its work efficiency and quality of work will have a great impact. In order to reduce this effect, requiring the operator in the usual use of the process, it is necessary to develop a regular inspection of the maintenance habits, not just when the problem occurs to solve, help to extend the life of the equipment. What is the common inspection of remote control grappling equipment? Life, equipment should always be in the construction of the state, usually check to do in place, in the event of failure, the security, efficiency will be great. Which of the main contents of the remote inspection grab the contents of what?

1, mechanical reminders, first of all operators should pay attention to keep the equipment clean and clean, to avoid dust because of security risks. At the same time pay careful attention to check whether the hook parts on the hook-like cracks, in particular, pay attention to the dangerous area and thread groove inspection, if found to crack, it should immediately stop using, replace the new hook, to ensure that no exception before the official construction.

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