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Stacker According To The Direction Of The Track Can Be Divided Into

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jul 26, 2017

Stacker According to the direction of the track can be divided into

The stacking machine is the storage equipment of the automatic warehouse, which is divided into single column and double column structure. It is completed by the three driving agencies of walking, lifting and fork. The international advanced servo control system and absolute identification system Full closed-loop control, with bar code or laser ranging and other high-precision way to address, to achieve high-precision operation of the stacker. Stacked airborne up to about 8 tons, walking speed up to 400m / min.

According to the direction of the track can be divided into straight type, curved rail type, transition type and fork type.

There are also types of stackers, such as picking stackers with cabs.

Stacking machine structure is stable and reliable, by the vector variable frequency drive and encoder position control, the use of mechanical and electrical double insurance device to ensure safety, the use of information transmission tracking technology, electrical components are imported products, touch screen interface is simple, Single automatic and on-line automatic control, combined with a variety of logistics equipment to form a complete logistics system.

The manual control of the stacker is carried out by the operator through the push button switch on the operation panel, the parallel operation of the stacker to carry out the horizontal operation, the loading and unloading of the cargo platform, and the access to the goods.

Stand-alone automatic control by the operator at the storage side through the stacker electrical control cabinet on the operation panel LCD touch screen button, enter the storage instructions, the stacker will automatically complete the storage operations.

On-line automatic control is automatically assigned by the management computer out of the storage location, through the monitoring computer to send job instructions, through the wireless Ethernet will be transferred to the stacking machine operating instructions to the stacker, automatic control stacker to complete the operation, and the operation process and work Status feedback to the monitoring computer, displayed on the computer screen.

(A) the classification of the stacker

Stacker according to the use of requirements, a wide variety of types, generally classified as follows:

1. Classification by support

Ground support stacker

Suspension stacker

The upper support type stacker, that is, the rails laid on the upper part of the shelf

2. Classification by purpose

Unit stacker

Machine room synchronous stacker

Picking - unit hybrid stacker.

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