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Stacker The Main Function

Edit:Wuxi Golink Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd   Date:Jun 28, 2017

Stacker The main function

Modern society, a variety of industries are in the rapid development of many manufacturers in the production process which will be applied to a variety of professional warehouse, but the effective operation of these warehouses also need a variety of equipment, such as stacking machine, then this What are the main features of the device? What is the characteristic of its existence? Next we see below.

The main function of the stacker:

In fact, this kind of equipment is an automatic storage device inside the warehouse, usually divided into single column and double column structure, through the walking, lifting and other institutions to complete the overall use requirements, coupled with the international advanced servo control system and the absolute authentication system The use of closed-loop control, and bar code or laser ranging and other high-precision identification with the use of the device can make high-precision operation.

It is also a lifting device for access to goods from high-rise shelves on forklifts, where the warehouse can reach about 45 meters and the stacking opportunity is run between the shelves and transported Loaded on or on the tray.

Stacker Features:

1, structural characteristics

From the structure it has a single column and double column and other different structures, and the fork is also the European standard fork and the Japanese standard plate fork these two, the former corresponds to the beam shelf, the latter corresponds to the cow shelf Kind of equipment can greatly improve the use of the warehouse area and space utilization, reduce the manual operation at the same time, but also improve the overall storage operations and the degree of automation.

2, the use of features

The equipment can be divided into straight track type, curved rail type, transition type and fork type according to the direction of the channel. In addition, the picking type of the cab is configured, its structure is very stable and reliable, and the final control is realized by the vector variable frequency drive and the encoder position , The use of mechanical and electrical double insurance device to ensure safety, coupled with the information transmission throughout the tracking technology, so that the overall function of the device to enhance the original, imported electrical appliances, touch screen mask operation, not only make the operation easier, but also time Manual, click Auto and Online Auto Control Effects.

This is the main features of the stacking machine introduced, I hope the above content can give you a further understanding of it, but also remind you, in order to ensure the final use of equipment value and effect, to do a good job before the market survey, Select the time to do a good job measuring, choose to use the time to pay attention to the use of methods.

Stacker is a warehouse equipment, with the progress of technology and development, stacking machine can make enterprise warehouse management becomes more intelligent and easy, greatly improving the efficiency of warehouse management. Why are more and more companies choosing the stacker to carry out warehouse management? What are the advantages of the stacker? How to identify the stacker? This article describes the above issues.

What is the advantage of the stacker?

1, can improve the efficiency of stacking

Stackers can be set according to different stacking requirements to ensure that each stack can be maximized use. In addition, the stacker can also ensure that the product of high quality, even if the stacking operations, can ensure the integrity of the product.

2, effectively remove the stack of waste generated

In most of the stacking operations, there will be a lot of impurities and waste, many traditional stacking equipment are difficult to deal with these waste, so to deal with these waste will cost a lot of manpower costs. And the latest stacker can be a very good solution to this problem, the new waste automatically withdraw from the system, as long as some of the settings, you can separate the waste from the warehouse managers to facilitate the disposal of waste.

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